Topic: Images not loading correctly

I am attempting to install autoviewer on my site. I thought it was going well (better than my first install of simpleviewer haha) was my first gallery, and everything was working fine until photo 29, where the slide show stopped, and the controls stopped working. Upon reloading the page, the images loaded, I thought it was ok, then the images that came after photo 29 started to load on top of the first image. I sent the link to a friend and the same thing happened on his end, so I don't believe it's my computer or settings.

I thought it may be that for whatever reason the script doesn't like galleries with more than 30 photos, and 2003 has 32 photos. So I uploaded the 2nd gallery. only has 16 photos but the same thing happened, images began loading on top of the first image.

Same with (24 images stops at 17) and (40 images stops at 35)

Thinking again that it was possibly my computer I checked a friend's website who uses autoviewer and hers still worked fine.

I've tried rebuilding the galleries, and beyond that, I have absolutely no idea what to do to fix it. Help is much appreciated to elegant (at ) icenine (dot ) org or on here.


Re: Images not loading correctly has a entry for Thumbs.db with no height or width. This may be breaking your gallery. Try removing it.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Images not loading correctly

Awesome, that was it. Thank you so much!