Topic: about to purchase source code

Mr Airtight,

Thank you. You've taught me quite alot already.

I don't know much about flash and editing source code. I've been able to make pcv, sv, and av work pretty easily using the scripts and  I did get autoviwer to work as a php script on my server - it was a challenge but got it figured out.

my question is this:

is it possible to customize postcardviewer to the point that it's only the animation on the index.html page and the click on the gallery page image of pcv sends the viewer to a stand alone gallery using autoviwer or simpleviewer?

also is the pcv gallery source code editable so that the images aren't off kilter?

My level of html abilities is a bit low. I just started using dreamweaver. Am I in over my head trying to do this with your source code?

Can any of your codes be used in a layer in dreamweaver? How about a table?

the learning curve is steep!