Topic: Installation Cannot Get to Login

I tried uploading svManager through Adobe GoLive CS2 and via Fetch on the Mac. Both installation attempts give me this message after I click the Admin Login link:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/content/a/r/t/artflu2/html/svmanager/classes/gallery.php on line 765

My server meets the Compatibility Test, the latest Javascript is enabled, and I'm using Safari. Please help! I'm not a programmer, but I can hack at code if I know what to do.

Re: Installation Cannot Get to Login


Happy to try and help - we Mac users have got to stick together  ;)

It looks like the gallery.php file got corrupted somewhere along the line. Since you tried two different ways of uploading to your site, it seems the corruption occurred in the download or the unzipping. Try downloading the zip again from the Airtight site and uploading a fresh copy by ftp. I use Transmit for ftp but either Fetch or GoLive should be fine.

Incidentally, I find the most reliable way of unzipping files on the Mac is to use the BOMArchiveHelper which is part of Mac OSX since v10.3. It's a bit hard to find but once you find it you can leave the icon in the dock and drag archives on top of it. Wikepedia has a helpful entry.

Enough Mac-talk, just downloading, unzipping and uploading again will probably fix things.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Installation Cannot Get to Login

Hi Jack,

Everything is working smoothly, thanks to your excellent help. I used the BOMArchiveHelper to unzip and purchased Transmit for ftp. I now have a prototype gallery built and it's shaping up nicely. THANK YOU for getting this Mac user up and running!!