Topic: can i incorporate svManager with my custom site design

i have a basic several page html/css design that i want to use for a portfolio site. im proficient enough with PHP to read and understand and edit it some.

will i be able to easily apply the unnecessary html and css to the pages that svManager creates for my galleries?

im assuming that just like the other various SV plugins, that svManager creates a plain html file with the necessary script in it to embes the flash gallery? (altho i understand that it may be a PHP file extension rather that html, that makes no difference)

any guidance or suggestions would be much appreciated!

Re: can i incorporate svManager with my custom site design

Yep - you assume correct. The index file needs a .php extension because it contains just a few line of php to set the background color. Otherwise the file looks very like a typical SimpleViewer index file. You shouldn't need to touch the php, just edit the html and css. See the advanced section of the svManager manual.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.