Topic: Captions using pcv_buildgallery.php?

I have in excess of 100 photo galleries and when I update, I have to add 30 galleries at a time. That is a lot of copying and pasting image names into gallery.xml files. Automatic updating with the php file would be heaven, except it does not add captions automatically. I just need the file name to be the caption of the image. Is this possible? I've been trying to troubleshoot on my own, but obviously don't know what I'm doing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Captions using pcv_buildgallery.php?

If you just want the file name to show up in the caption, then open pcv_buildgallery.php and look for:

$xml .= "  <caption></caption>n";

Just add the $key variable between the <caption> tags:

$xml .= "  <caption>$key</caption>n";

save the file and run it again!

hope this helps!!

Re: Captions using pcv_buildgallery.php?

Of frikkin course its that easy. I knew something had to go in between those tags, I just didn't know what. Thank you so much!