Topic: Implementing into HTML website.

Hello all, I just bought the Pro version of Autoviewer, and I was hoping that someone could give me some clue as to how to get this into the box on my website that I'm working on at www easidesigns co uk / photography.

I'm not looking for an extremely detailed explanation exactly, but it wouldn't be unwelcome.  I think that there may already be such an explanation for a newbie such as I but I don't know where it is.

I'd rather get it working so that it fits perfectly into the template, which may mean working it as a flash movie - I don't know flash but I'm prepared to learn as I need these skills anyway.

I appreciate any input in advance,


Re: Implementing into HTML website.

It's cool I actually found that reading helps.  So, it's in the page now at www-easidesigns-co-uk/test/gallery but it's not aligning in the center in all the browsers.  It stays where it is in any browsers other than in FF2 and FF3.  I'm using CSS:

#flashcontent { margin:2em auto 0 auto; width:800px; height:300px; }

Why is this?