Topic: 1280 vs 1024 monitor size in html embedded gallery

This is probably more of an html problem, but it seems that I can't make the flash content more then 500px or so without losing the bottom of my gallery page and the footer on 1024x768 monitors. At 550px, the gallery fills a 1024 screen, but looks too small and pushed up to the top of the screen when viewed at 1280x1024.

I have my viewer.swf set to downscale the images, but this doesn't do anything to downsize the flash content height parameter. Is there any way to make an embedded gallery page with a variable flash content height parameter that will scale down for 1024x768 so that the header or footer don't get lost, or up to 650-700px for larger screens?

BTW, I have tried using both the strip_example.html and the index.html from a Picasa export as my starting point with much the same results using each.