Topic: svManager Thawte Certificate Renewal

SvManager contains a java applet to upload files to your server. The authenticity of the applet is verified by a certificate from the global authority Thawte and these certificates need to be renewed from time to time.

If you are running svManager 1.2.2 or earlier then some browsers will pop-up a message saying that the certificate has expired. The message is for information only and you can continue to use svManager as before.

The current version of svManager contains a new certificate as well as all the latest features so this might be a good time to upgrade. You should have received a recent email from Airtight Interactive with a download link or you can use the link that you received when you first bought svManager. Read the section on upgrading in the svManager user manual.

Or to put it simply – don't panic but think about upgrading when you have the time.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.