Topic: Categories for Galleries

Is there a way to create Catetories for the many galleries I would like to make? 

My example would be:
Under a Category/Heading of "Weddings" I would like to create several galleries and then under the Category/Heading "Portrait" I would also like to have several galleries.  The URLs would look something like this:

www mywebsite com/weddings/g1
www mywebsite com/weddings/g2
www mywebsite com/weddings/g3
www mywebsite com/portraits/g1
www mywebsite com/portraits/g2
www mywebsite com/portraits/g3

If I understand the svManager correctly, it only works in one directory?

What I am not looking for is:
www mywebsite com/galleries/wedding1
www mywebsite com/galleries/wedding2
www mywebsite com/galleries/wedding3
www mywebsite com/galleries/portrait1
www mywebsite com/galleries/portrait2
www mywebsite com/galleries/portrait2

Can anyone help me?

Re: Categories for Galleries

SvManager creates all its galleries in one directory but you can move the gallery after you have created it. See the section on Moving the gallery on the server in the user manual.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.