Topic: PATH_SCHEME = /svmanager/ causes Error 500


I bought svmanager a couple of weeks ago and am very satisfied. My goal is to set up multiple galleries which are embedded into an existing site.

Svmanager is located in a folder like aktuell - admin - svmanager
The SimpleViewer gallery is embedded in an html file in aktuell - index html

My problem is that using absolute paths in the content xml file are needed to embed the swf file but defining the constant: PATH_SCHEME in the constants php file causes an error 500 during upload of images.

I have checked the server logs and the problem seems to be that the uploaded file is attempted to be saved in the server's root dir.

Are there any other variables that need to be set? I'm glad for any suggestion.

Re: PATH_SCHEME = /svmanager/ causes Error 500

If I understand correctly, your path to svManager from the web root is /aktuell/admin/svmanager so the entry in the constants file should be:

define('PATH_SCHEME', '/aktuell/admin/svmanager/');

You could also use:

define('PATH_SCHEME', '');


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: PATH_SCHEME = /svmanager/ causes Error 500

:lol: Thanks for your fast reply! I checked the path again and realized that I mixed it up.
After entering the correct path everything worked fine  :D

Maybe I shouldn't be working this late.
Thanks a lot!