Topic: silly little question

and I have not been able to find it on the forum so I have to ask

I am trying to place svmanager to display the index.php page into a current look of a site and keep on getting either no joy, some but not all, or error and dulicates

how can I simply have the index page show up with the overall look of the site ?


Re: silly little question

I'm assuming that we're talking about the automatic index for all the galleries here (the one with the thumbnails) not the individual index pages for each gallery.

Firstly, if you need to move the index page then do this first and get it working before you try to customize it – see the instruction in the user manual.

To change the appearance of the page, note that there are three chunks of php code. The first chunk sets things up and does not produce any output. The second chunk prints out the admin link – you might want to miss this one out. The third chunk of code prints out the html for a table of thumbnails with links. If you do a 'view source' in a browser to look at the code that is being generated, you'll see plenty of ids and classes that you can use to style it with css.

So really, it's just an html table to embed in your page and a bit of css to get the widths and colors and such that you want.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.