Topic: AutoViewer not showing Images

Hi guys,

i been trying to figure out why the images wont show after i uploaded the files to the internet. been working for hours :-S

on my local computer i can view all images. but when i upload it to my site it shows the shape of the image but not the image itself. the path is given correct

www almadyafa net / autoviewer / gallerie html

Re: AutoViewer not showing Images

somehow the forum made some problems n i wasnt able to post the rest of my issue even though i deleted all the dots out ot the links..

when i do rightclick-> "Open Image in New Window" it only shows me the path where the image is located but it wont display the image in the gallery: www almadyafa net /autoviewer / images / DSC03114 jpg     

i saved all images in the image directory under autoviewer and put the right path in the gallery xml

please can someone help me? i read the FAQ. there was written sumthin about hotlinking. i created a htaccess file but it doesnt work.....