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Hello, I get VERY different colors in images published with Autoviewer compared to the original - in different browsers and on PC as well as MAC. I have put together screenshots with more detailed discriptions here: axelhess com/flash/
Any suggestions?

(hopefully you allow me to post this link even though i am newly registered on this list, but I urgently need help and can't wait for 5 days!)

Did I overlook some settings, or is this indeed only the result of autoviewer being published to Flash 8 ?

Axel Hess

Re: Color issues in Autoviewer

Since the system did of course not allow me to post the link, please copy and paste it and add the dot in front of "com":


Thank you!

Re: Color issues in Autoviewer

I have waited for about a week now to get at least a minimum of support here - but unfortunately there was none. At first I really liked the simplicity of this gallery tool and would have liked to use it - I did a design based on it for the project I am working on right now, and I intended to buy the pro version. IF ONLY this color issue would have been sorted out somehow. Or if at least there was a vague sign of effort from your side. After having unsuccessfully waited for a week  to get a reply at this forum (or on my personal mail to you) I am really pissed off now about your poor support level. Keep your stuff, I won't buy it now. I'll better stay with SlideshowPro, on which my alternative design was based.
Axel Hess

Re: Color issues in Autoviewer

I realize axelhess is perhaps no longer interested in the answer, but, I too, am interested in the product and am having the same problems (muted colors when I create the gallery). 

(If it's of help, I had the same trouble with CS3 when "Save for Web & Devices."  Found I had to calibrate my monitor color, then assign that profile to the image before saving in order to get the colors right.  Just wondering if the issues might be related.  Perhaps the way AutoViewer is creating the gallery runs up against the same CS3 bug that caused my muted colors on saving...?)

Re: Color issues in Autoviewer


please check the SimpleViewer FAQ, Q28: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.