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I've scanned the internet and understand Firefox is strict with sizing, and many forums recommend to set margin and padding to 0px so that Flash files are properly sized (like Tiltviewer Pro). However, I tried that, and my  TV PRO images are still way too small in Firefox and fine in IE and Chrome.

Any other suggestions?



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please check the SimpleViewer FAQ, Q35: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Fiefox Flash Images Too Small

Hi. the answer in Q35 doesn't seem to be working for me.

To be even more precise, it works if I remove the DOCTYPE instruction, but then IE doesn't display properly.

If I copy exactly the demos given with Tiltviewer Pro, they do not work on all of Chrome, IE, and Firefox. Generally, Chrome is always ok, and either IE or Firefox have trouble depending on the DOCTYPE.

If you look at www ladyboyfashion com/Pics/Models/ModelsHomePage/index_old shtml, you will see an example where Chrome and IE work but not Firefox. And it does have margin, padding set to 0, and width, height to 100%.

Re: Fiefox Flash Images Too Small

Hi again. I've fixed this, but it was definitely not obvious.

I could only get things working by using a trivial DOCTYPE combined with using DIV and SWFobject setting for Chrome and Firefox and the Flashcontent settings for IE.

Only by about 8 hours of trial and error could I get all 3 to work.

So I think the FAQ are not quite right for the relatively simple case I've used tiltviewer in.

You can see the final setting in the index shtml file at the same path I noted above.