Topic: Was the endless loop question ever resolved ?

Hello. I wish to thank all at Airtight, I'm currently using Simpleviewer and Autoviewer on my photography site and I'm a complete technophobe luddite. Which only goes to show how user friendly their products must be.

I wish to upgrade to Pro versions so I can control the visuals better and I would like to know if the endless loop option has been incorporated into Autoviewer. ( As opposed to the quick scroll back technique )

I have seen the quick fix where you just duplicate the image list a number of times and hope the viewer moves on to another page before they suss you out. Is this still the only option for a total non programmer like me ?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Was the endless loop question ever resolved ?


endless looping is not currently supported in AutoViewer.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.