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I've purchased svPro and svManager for my latest job.  I've been working on customizing the layout and I've finally got what I wanted.  I have a few questions for you guys.

I wanted to go with svManager because I want to be able to allow the client to create new and edit existing galleries.  The svManager interface is simple enough and I've set up defaults to match my test gallery so there will be less the client has to pay attention too.

Q1. Image resize function.  I'm having some issues with the image resize function.  I have set the maxwidth = 690px (730px total with 20px frame), and maxheight = 580px (620px total with 20px frame).  However, I have set these to be the default sizes, yet whenever I upload images using resize, it always uses the 690px width value even when resizing height on portrait oriented images?  I'm not really a fan of this, because I would like to have it only be 580px tall.  I have on auto sizing, but I don't like to leave image interpolation up to the java.  Am I doing something wrong?  This was a similar result when I created a gallery locally through the PS CS3 script.

I could create an action set in PS if need be to eliminate resizing on upload, but I'm trying to make this as easy as possible for the client.

Q2. XML Title formatting.  I have my gallery titles in bold, however it only seems as though I can bold them manually in the svManager form with the escape characters.  Not a huge deal, but is there a way to set up a default <b> tag to wrap the title string input?

Q3.  Last one... index.php master.  If I update the master index.php to match the base of the rest of the site, when I create a new gallery, does it only replace the content contained within <div id = flashcontent>?  I have the site styled remotely via css and using php includes for the header and footer.  I also do not fully understand the php in the <head> of that master?  Can I do without that?

Thanks for you help guys.  I really like the product, and this is really close to being a successful implementation.

Here's a link to the prelim site...(nevermind, forgot I couldn't post a link yet)

The portfolio page links to a test gallery.



Re: Hello all! New user here with questions

Are you talking about this block of PHP in the main index?

      // User options
      //  set number of columns for table or zero for divs
      $columns = 2;
      //  set relative path to svManager &#40;default is empty string&#41;
      $pathToManager = '';
      // End of user options
      $pathToManager = &#40;$pathToManager !== ''&#41; ? rtrim&#40;$pathToManager, '\/'&#41;.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR &#58; '';
      require $pathToManager.'includes'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'constants.php';
      require $pathToManager.'classes'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'indexpage.php';
      error_reporting&#40;&#40;DEBUG&#41; ? E_ALL &#58; E_ERROR&#41;;
      $indexPage = &new IndexPage&#40;&#41;;
      $adminLink = $pathToManager.'svmanager.php';

In which case yes, you need it.

The line:

      require $pathToManager.'classes'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'indexpage.php';

Is what loads the "index page" as you see it, and then below that it is printed using a bit of OOP programming.

If you open up the index include, you can see where it is creating your tables.

And, just guessing here, but if you edit that on line 104 is this:

          $td = "          <td id=&#123;$id&#125; class=&#123;$class&#125;><a href=&#123;$href&#125;><img src=&#123;$src&#125; width=&#123;$width&#125; height=&#123;$height&#125; alt=&#123;$alt&#125;/></a><p><a href=&#123;$href&#125;>&#123;$title&#125;</a></p></td>";

You can likely wrap your bold tags there if you want. Do it again on line 149.

I'm guessing with all of this stuff though. I haven't tried any of it, but that looks like what the PHP is doing to me.

No clue about your first question.

Re: Hello all! New user here with questions

I'm assuming we're talking SimpleViewer galleries (not TiltViewer) and the current version of svManager (1.3.x).

Q1 – The problem here is that the current version of the java applet only has one size parameter. I've just received a new version of the applet with separate max height and max width parameters. If you can wait a week or so then I'll do a new version of svManager with the new applet and let you have a copy to test-out.

Q2 – You shouldn't need any escape characters, just the <b> and </b> tags. If it helps, you could also edit the default title for new galleries in the svmanager/plugins/simpleviewer/settings.php file:

define&#40;'SV_GALLERY_TITLE', '<b>New SimpleViewer Gallery</b>'&#41;;

Q3 - The whole master index file is copied  into your gallery.

IHateArtists is correct in the post above about the code in the overall galleries index.php – you need that stuff.

If we are talking the individual index file in each gallery then the code in the <head> is used to set the background color for the gallery. You could do without it as long as you hard-coded the background color in the SWFObject parameters but why bother, why not just leave it in there?


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Hello all! New user here with questions

Thanks to both of you for your reply.  I was actually able to figure it all out!  Yay for me.  This is a great tool Jack!  I've now got it set up so my client can just create create a gallery, import images, and publish and it all comes into the customized master with the same layout as the rest of the site.  With custom titles to match the gallery, etc. Works wonderfully!

I would like to get a copy of the new version that allows separate height and width, although, I've been pleased with the results and the client will never know the difference.

I do have a couple other questions, not sure if I should go back and post it in the simpleviewer pro threads or not...

Image quality: Because my server seems to have a 2MB limit on upload, I run the simpleviewer script in PS CS3 first in order to reduce the file sizes.  I then upload the resulting images to svManager.  The images are max size of 690px at 72dpi, but they are coming out large +400Kb.  In order to make them smaller I tried reducing the quality to 7 as opposed to 9.  This brings them down around 100-200Kb. I was just wondering what you guys are using, or suggest?

And finally,  I need to different gallery pages for the site.  I intend to use simpleviewer and would like to use svmanager to manage both groups.  But because the index.php would need to be different to match its respective page, would I need to install a second copy of svManager, name it svmanager_2?  And would that even work?  Or am I thinking about this the wrong way?

Thanks again for your help guys.  I'm completely satisfied with the product.  It looks great.  Whenever I get to 5 posts, I'll certainly share with you my implementation.

Re: Hello all! New user here with questions

When people ask me about image size and quality, either for galleries or web sites in general, I usually ask them who their target user is. Are they trying to get the attention of an Art Director with a desk three yards wide, a screen to match and a big fat pipe connected to the Internet. Or are they trying to appeal to a road warrior with a palm-top sharing a wireless connection with a load of other people in a cafe?

So you want to have two sets of galleries, each with a different appearance and you want the user(s) to be able to create and manage new galleries in each set – yes? Two installations of svmanager is probably best for that scenario.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Hello all! New user here with questions


Thanks again for the reply.

The client's clients would be high income home owners and businesses so I have used a larger size image.  I reduced the save quality in order to reduce the file size.  I've yet to notice any ill effects by doing this and the galleries load much faster.  I think I'm good there.

As for the two image gallery question...  That is exactly what I'm trying to do.  Just to give you an idea.  She is a landscape designer.  I have one page of her portfolio (finished jobs and installations), and she needs another page of materials (examples of materials used. i.e. stone, wood, fencing, etc.)  I tried to install another version of svManager last night.  I renamed the second version "svmanager_2".  I did this in DW and when I renamed it, I updated all of the flagged links in the directory from "/svmanager/..." to "/svmanager_2/..."  When I tried to access admin page I got a linkage error.  I'm going to try this evening to make a new copy, do not update links automatically.  Then do a global find/replace in that new directory to replace all svmanager with svmanager_2.

Should that be the fix?  And before I get too far... Does this require me to purchase another svManager license?  Or is it covered so long as they belong to the same site.

Thanks again Jack.

Re: Hello all! New user here with questions

ok... I tried duplicating the folder as "svmanager2".  I updated internal paths to change "svmanager" to "svmanager2".  I can get to svmanager login, access galleries, etc., but it seems the css is disconnected.  Is there a better way to do this?

The only other option I thought of was to keep just a single svmanager, and make two indexes.  Have her replace the index file depending on which gallery she intends to create.  But this could get sticky for her.  She knows just enough to get into trouble.  I know just enough to confuse her... LOL


Re: Hello all! New user here with questions

Maybe I'm not understanding the problem. But if you do a clean installation into svmanager2 and then edit the master gallery index file inside svmanager2 to get it looking how you want. You should have two completely separate installations on the same server, each with its own login.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Hello all! New user here with questions

Thanks Jack.  Perhaps I'm just going about it wrong.  I'll play around some more and report back.  Thanks for bearing with a noobster.