Topic: Simpleviewer Upload Test

All the the other tests passed without a problem.

When I click on the link for the upload test I get the following lines at the top of the page:

Warning: readdir(): supplied argument is not a valid Directory resource in /home/agapeone/public_html/svmanagertest/svmtest/svmtest/upload.php on line 109

Warning: closedir(): supplied argument is not a valid Directory resource in /home/agapeone/public_html/svmanagertest/svmtest/svmtest/upload.php on line 114

the dialog to upload files comes up and I am able to select a file to upload and it shows the progress bar and completes.  When it finishes uploading the page refreshes but the page appears the same as when I went to it the first time. It doesn't show any indication that a file was uploaded.

It appears it's having a problem creating a directory called uploads.  I created it manually and the upload test appears to work now.  Is it a problem that the uploads directory wasn't created during the test?  The previous test for creating a directory was successful so i'm not sure why the uploads directory wasn't created or should it have already been there?

Re: Simpleviewer Upload Test

It should have been there – the uploads directory is in the zip. But it's an empty directory and some unzip utilities seem to have trouble with empty directories. I'll think about putting a dummy file in there in future or maybe creating the directory on the fly. Anyway, if it's working after you added the directory then you should be ok.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Simpleviewer Upload Test

yep it's working.  thanks for replying.