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My question builds on a discussion Jack had previously called "Font size using SVManager": www airtightinteractive com/forum/viewtopic php?t=7199&highlight=font

I want to set up a slideshow with some tweaks to the captioning that could be updated by a computer illiterate person.

So far I've been able to get the look I want by manually editing gallery.xml but I want to know if you have an interface for this as I don't think this type of simple coding is within my client's scope. In that thread mentioned above it seemed like Jack's solution for this was to recommend SimpleViewer Pro as SVManager wouldn't necessarily be "the thing".

So does SimpleViewer Pro make possible the same sort of font control as editing the .xml file through a GUI of some sort? Or can the latest version of SVManager do this by now? Is this sort of font control made simple with any of your products?

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Re: font formatting with SVManager

This topic hasn't really moved on since the earlier post. SvManager works with SimpleViewer Pro in exactly the same way as it does with the SimpleViewer standard version. The difference is that there are many more settings inside SimpleViewer Pro. Changing most of these settings requires access to Adobe Flash to re-publish the viewer swf. I think it's possible to use the trial version of Flash. Lots more information in the SV Pro documentation.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.