Topic: importing an existing gallery into svmanager


I want to import an existing gallery into svmanager and I'm having trouble forming the path that svmanager needs to see it.

I have svmanager in the 'public_html' folder of my server. The pre-existing gallery is implemented on a page that's called 'gallery.html' in a subfolder  one level down from 'public_html' called 'barry'.

Can you tell me the 'import from' path or path pattern that I need in order for svmanager to manage it?

Also, can the gallery inside 'barry' be managed with a copy of svmanager that's also stored inside 'barry'? Or does svmanager need to live outside of the folder that's to be managed?

Thank you.

p.s. I've changed the name of the folder holding svmanager to 'slidemanager' if that matters.

Re: importing an existing gallery into svmanager

I resolved the problem on my own.

The answer was to take the hint supplied by the path in the import field and do a little exploration.

The default path in the 'import from:' field matches the 'import to:' path just above it. So I tried entering the path to the 'barry' folder from the svmanager folder a la '../barry/' and that worked.

As for the question of whether the svmanager can live inside the 'barry' folder I haven't explored that yet but I'm thinking that it might not be such a good idea since it might hamper file portability? Keeping the 2 things as separate modules might just be simpler in the long run.

Thanks anyway. Have you ever noticed that sometimes asking a question can help you figure out an answer?

Re: importing an existing gallery into svmanager

I'm glad the 'hint' worked – that was the idea.

I'd stay with the setup you have. Having gallery folders inside the svmanager folder is the default. Having them outside the svmanager folder should be no problem. Having the svManager folder inside the gallery folder (if I understand you correctly) is unusual and may not work.

It is possible to move galleries using svManager but there are some restrictions at the moment (it's in the manual).

You're dead right about that asking questions thing. And one of the difficulties with trying to help on the forums is that people understandably have difficulty in formulating the right question. Once we get to the right question, the answer usually comes a lot easier.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.