Topic: multiple galleries ... confused

I have my webpage folder, in that I have 4 published galleries and on my main (dreamweaver) page I have 4 buttons ready to link to the galleries but I can't figure out how.

The instructions say: "To create multiple SimpleViewer galleries, make a copy of the whole SimpleViewer gallery folder for each gallery. Create your individual galleries as normal. You can now create a menu page that links to the index.html page in each sub-folder. Here is an example that contains a menu to navigate between 2 SimpleViewer galleries."

I am not sure if a "menu page" is one html page (in addition to my main page" or if I'm to incorporate the code into my main page (add code to my main page to link the the individual galleries"

If anyone could please help me I would appreciate it. Just a clarification would be great. Here is my page:

peachtree (dash) designs (dot) com/