Topic: Position of Image-next/previous-buttons

it would be great if someone can help me...

I want to use the dynamic layout (dynamic resizing based on browser window size):
is it possible there to change the position of the Image-next/previous-buttons in the main image? Much more better to enable a position outside of the main image?

(I´m asking this because Felix wrote somewhere: "The code to position the image navigation buttons is in the ImageArea class in the resizeImageNavButtons() function." And in the manual is written about ImageArea: "These options are only used if fixedLayout is set to true"...)

Thanks for Your help

Re: Position of Image-next/previous-buttons

The position options are only available for fixed layout. I have not played with moving the positioning of content with dynamic layout you may be able to play with the code to get this to work.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.