Topic: Image info getting cut off


I am building an artist's web portfolio on SimpleViewer and I am having trouble with information getting cut off at the bottom of the screen if the monitor or window is too small. And if there is a lot of information, it's getting cut off or it seems, shoving into the thumbnails (I could be wrong on this last one).

Here is an example:
www susanmwhite com/sculptures/rubberandrock/index html

The whole site is here:
www susanmwhite com/

How do I fix this so that all the information is always visible?

Ed Choy Moorman

Re: Image info getting cut off

If you have a lot of caption text, one option is to give the SimpleViewer SWf a fixed height that is tall enough to hold your captions. Check the FAQ, Q10 for how to do this.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.