Topic: Question About Multiple Galleries

I've been contacted by a photographer that wants to redo her site and wants to use Tiltviewer for people to proof their photos.  If she wants to load a person's photos to individual galleries on Flickr, what's required to manage the different Tiltviewer galleries on her site?

Will there have to be a separate directory structure on her site for each gallery? Will she have to create that structure and put the required Tiltviewer files in each directory? Will she have to edit the configuration in each directory?  It seems so...but I'm just looking for confirmation before I put anything together for her.

Re: Question About Multiple Galleries

You can only import from one flicker account at a time. So the answer is Yes. Download TiltViewer place a copy of the contents in a folder for every flicker gallery and setup the configs for each.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.