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hi all

I hope someone can help. Im quite new to all this and using dreamweaver. . I am trying to add two gallerys to the portfolio page of my website

I have followed the faq 16 and created the galleries and a seperate menu.html page all in the portfolio folder.

The menu html page has two links to each galleries index.html file

However when i click on the links in internet explorer they open each gallery in seperate windows not underneath the menu button/links as in the example on faq 16. As such i cant then click back or go into another gallery

i hope that makes sense i have simple viewer pro

cheers tons


Re: multiple gallery -

This is correct functionality for how you setup the page. The gallery pages aren't going load into your index page normally. This could be done, but would require some effort to inject the gallery pages into the index page. It's much simpler to have an index page, what you are calling your menu page and two gallery pages or to use the emended flash gallery.  You will need to edit the gallery.html pages to add your menu.

Take a look at this post for a tiny bit more info. … php?t=8455

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.