Topic: Buttons auto align to image border`?

Hi, before I take the plunge and buy the Pro, is it possible to have the left and right arrows automatically alligned to each side of the image? I know I can set the distance from the stage in pixels, but my galleries will consist of both landscape and portrait orientation.

Re: Buttons auto align to image border`?

The Image navigation buttons align to the image edges by default. Check the demo: … les/hires/

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Buttons auto align to image border`?

I'm having a problem related to this described automatic centering of buttons—except that I'm trying to auto align the buttons to the image border.

I've configured the XML and the AS files such that I've hidden off the thumbnail area (eg. in the XML, my markup reads: thumbnailColumns="0" thumbnailRows="0"). The intent is to have a gallery navigable left and right but without thumbnail preview onscreen. This gallery is meant to be included in an HTML layout at a fixed size (600x620)

Somewhere along the way, though, the auto centering/alignment for the buttons has gone all wacky. I'm not sure what I've changed, but the left and right arrows are now both positioned in the upper left corner. The images appear to be centered correctly.

Any advice would be much appreciated.