Topic: arrows: how to set no color and no shift

hello Airtight forum -

two arrow questions for SimpleViewer-pro:

1) how do i set arrows to see bitmap instead of simply colorizing a shape?
i have made changes to SV-Pro fla replacing thumbnail arrows with a textured bitmap i would prefer to use. is it possible to set arrow parameters to simply show bitmap instead of only specifying color?

2) how do i set thumbnail to not shift on click?
the thumbnail arrows appear to shift a pixel or two down and right on click. is it possible to set arrows to have 0 shift?

any assistance is appreciated,

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Re: arrows: how to set no color and no shift

1.) are you saying you have it working one way, but would prefer to do it another?

2.) the thumbnails have an option in, thumbnailClickShift, but the arrows do not so... change lines 117 and 118:

mBackBtn.clickShift = 1;
mNextBtn.clickShift = 1;

you could even add a line if you wanted.

static var thumbnailArrowClickShift:Number = 0;

and then in

mBackBtn.clickShift = Options.thumbnailArrowClickShift;
mNextBtn.clickShift = Options.thumbnailArrowClickShift;
Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: arrows: how to set no color and no shift

thanx for the help miker,

1) editing the i am successful at changing the color of a shape ok. however...

in this situation i have made a graphical edit to the fla replacing the default arrow vector with a bitmap image i would prefer to use. after publishing and viewing i find that the new graphic is treated the same as a vector meaning i only see the image as a solid color.

how can i set SV-Pro to not color the graphic so characteristics of the bitmap image can be seen?

2) RESOLVED - i went with the suggestion and it has given me more than the control i was after. thanx for the help...

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