Topic: runs in firefox or IE, but not both

first of all here is the link

i can remove the doctype and it'll run in FF under "quirks" mode,
the js cant be the problem im sure im breaking something somewhere
but it (the above link) validates everywhere i test it (the others don't but work in FF3 mac )

to be honest i have no idea what i'm doing (but i'm trying) or why it doesn't work. i've been hacking at it for a while but i either kill FF or IE. right now IE 6 and 7 run fine, 8 shows pics squished up under my menu bar and i would be very appreciative if someone could save me from myself.

right now the whole site is set up as a testbed and are the ones i'm standing behind right now the everything else is a placeholder and will be zapped into conformity as soon as i know how to conform... or at least to how to get the site to work.

thanks for your time and energy.
happy hunting
tom r osborne

Re: runs in firefox or IE, but not both

The following is in your current the-imager_1.html, it has an extra greater than ">"

<script type="text/javascript" src="">>

This is how it should look like.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Also you need to remove imagePath="photos/" thumbPath="thumbnails/" from your gallery.xml they are not valid properties for SimpleViewer 2.

the-imager_2.html has too many swfobject includes, you need to remove one and the second one also has an extra greater than ">".

<script type="text/javascript" src="the-imager_2/resources/js/swfobject.js">

<script type="text/javascript" src="">>

Users in the past have had problems with spry and SWFObject conflicting. If you still have issues after making these changes you may need to use a different embed method.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: runs in firefox or IE, but not both

thanks for the quick answer i'll give it a try.
yeah as i wrote the other galleries are at different points of "development" (development=broke)
i've been testing using adobe browser labs and haven't seen any problems with the spry yet.
i found that my issues were steming from my doctype without one FF 3 mac worked (in quirks mode), with the right one IE worked. that seemed to mean i had been dorking up my end of the .html. thanks for your input i'll give it a go tonight, and up date the others pages when i've got something i'll post how it works out for better or worse.


Re: runs in firefox or IE, but not both

i found my problem...
i hadn't wanted to give up the scalability of simple viewer and so kept wanting everything in %. which Firefox doesn't like. but will deal with in quirks mode which is why i was getting my site to work in either IE or FF right now i have changed the css to give my flash element  a min-height of 420px which is the largest thing i can squish in a 800X600 viewer (with everything else).
IE doesn't do anything with this info apparently (which i'm actually happy about)
Webkit browsers seem to get it right (safari/chrome)
Moz (firefox/seamonkey) seam to simply make my "min-height" "height" which is annoying but better than not showing anything.

anybody have a recommendation?
thanks again for your time and effort

Re: runs in firefox or IE, but not both

to correct my last statement
"i found one of my problems..."
first off im checking my site with adobe browser labs online.
i run a mac
i cant get older versions of firefox(2,3,3.5,) to work in windows with the correct(valid) doc type.
do i have to run some javascript to insert height and width just for FireFox win?
i haven't found any mention of the win version being different than the mac (i've personally run the older mac versions and the also run through browser labs)?

what did i break?
did i find the bermuda triangle, online?
as always thank you for your tim and support i really am at a loss here

P.S. i know the linked doc is html5 that is not the problem i've run everything validated in html4 strict/transitional and xhtml 1 strict/transitional again validated to no avail FFwin just doesn't like me apparently regardless of how nicely i talk to it..

as always thank you for your tim and support i really am at a loss

Re: runs in firefox or IE, but not both

Looks like your swfobject height/width don't match your CSS height/width for the flashContent div. This has been know to cause issues with browsers. Try setting a width in your CSS code.

swfobject.embedSWF("the-imager_1/simpleviewer.swf", "flashContent", "98%", "88%", "9.0.124", false, flashvars, params);
 #flashContent  {
height : 88%;
min-height : 420px;
position : relative;
padding-top : 0.5em;
margin-right : 20px;
margin-left : 17px;
overflow : hidden;
Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: runs in firefox or IE, but not both

Hey Mike
thanks for the tip but it still wont show in pre 3.5 ff windows without quirks mode...

can you think of other options/problems?
i have 0 experience with java script so i'm weary of cutting the spry set up i've got working.
i'm considering
i could start from scratch (again)
try another flash gallery to see Simple Viewer doesn't like my css js and html
give up on flash and try a js gallery

i honestly don't get why it wont work on FFwin if it didn't work on ffmac too then i would KNOW i was at fault and my html/css were funky (obviously something isn't playing nicely but i don't get what) is there a good Fire fox forum where i could be asking these questions maybe they know where I've busted stuff?
your help has been great don't take any of the above as critic on Simple viewer or this forum (or you Mike) i'm a young startup photographer and cant really afford to keep screwing this up. i also don't currently have the funds to get someone qualified to work on it. to make matters worse i'm running out of time to work on it (personal and professional reasons, i'm moving).
can you recommend a plan of attack (simplify menu, use an iframe, talk to these folks___, etc)?

thanks again for your time and help