Topic: How can hidden captions be revealed?

Using Simpleviewer Pro 2.0.1 and svBuilder (with Lightroom 2.6; Photoshop CS4)

How can hidden captions (due to a too small browser window) be accessed?

Is there a way to get a scrollbar to appear within the Flash stage or to scroll hidden portions of the stage so that a top title and bottom captions can be read when the browser height (Firefox or IE) is too short for them to be fully visible. Or alternatiely solve it by making the caption float/move within the stage to remain visible even as the browser window decreases in size similar to how the main image resizes to remain visible?

For instance, even in your online example of simpleviewer (where in the html head, the body is set to <overflow:auto> )--if the browser window is too short in height, the caption disappears.

Your instructions to "remove < overflow:hidden > from the index.html page doesn't relate because there is no such property with Simpleviewer 2.0.1  In addition, if I do add scroll bars to the page by placing
<overflow:scroll> in the< body > description,  it doesn't scroll anything within the Flash container so it's of no help to make the captions visible. It only scrolls to show a small white edge border around the stage.

Here is an example of the simpleviewer gallery where I want to be able to scroll when the browser window is not high enough to show the caption:

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

Re: How can hidden captions be revealed?

Try setting 'floatCaption' to FALSE. This will ensure the caption remains visible when the browser window is scaled down.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: How can hidden captions be revealed?

I don't see an equivalent choice for the TITLE.  Is it a trade-off?  I tried it and noticed that if floatCaption is FALSE then the title and top thumbnails disappear sooner as the browser window gets shorter.  And generally when it is set as TRUE, the overall spacing looks better (more centered) given the browser window is tall enough.

What is the height of the stage layout based upon?  the number/size of thumbnail rows (thumbnail plus padding) plus <title size> plus <captionHeight> ?

Is it theoretically possible for the Flash stage/action script to automatically alter the number of columns if required to maintain visibility of all the thumbnails/title/caption info?

Thanks for more details.  I've got a client who doesn't devote much space to his visible browser window and so it has been a concern.

Re: How can hidden captions be revealed?

There are some more details on SimpleViewer layout here: … guide.html

SimpleViewer-Pro does not support altering the number of thumbnails to fit the stage. The thumbnail area size is fixed, as is the caption area and title area. The main image area does scale to fit the stage.

It can be tricky to find a dynamic layout that works for both large and small browser windows.  Try specifying the minimum window size you want the gallery to work in and layout for that.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.