Topic: Not showing preview in Lightroom 2

I just purchased v2.0.1 to upgrade the free version that comes with LR2...

I followed the directions to upgrade the swf in the Web.lrmodule in the LR plugins folder, replaced the files. Opened lightroom, no preview when using the simpleviewer module. Then I followed the directions for Upgrading the TTG Template...

On Mac: Users/username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Web Galleries/

There is no such folder called 'ttg_simpleviewer-2.lrwebengine' in my Web Galleries, in fact there is nothing in that folder.

Anyone know where 'ttg_simpleviewer-2.lrwebengine' is for LR2 and how to make this work?


Re: Not showing preview in Lightroom 2

To use SimpleViewer-Pro v2.0 in Lightroom, you need to do this:

1) Install the new v2 compatible Lightroom plugin: … eviewer-2/

2) Upgrade it to pro: … #lightroom

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.