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Topic: X's on my images and thumbnails when I upload them to my server

I know this issue has come up plenty of times before. But, I really don't know what else to do. I preview my gallery in browser, just as internet explorer or mozilla and everything works fine. But when I upload it to my server and look at it there, all I see is X's.

I have checked my file extensions, all of them in my XML file are jpg not JPEG. I have tried to changed my image and thumbs code from 




then to


Also my image code(s) look like this. I feel like the image path isn't set right though. Don't know what to place the path as though.

    <image imageURL="images/Skulker Ref Sheet-Raymanian.jpg" thumbURL="thumbs/Skulker Ref Sheet-Raymanian.jpg" linkURL="" linkTarget="" >
        <caption>Skulker Ref Sheet-Raymanian.jpg</caption>

As it stands, my image and thumbs folders are all in the Sampleviewer folder along with the XML and HTMLs and such. I am waiting to hear back from my hosting service if they are using Hotlink Protection and I have even gone through to save all my images in that folder as Progressive. Also in the XML the image names start with capital letters I do not know if that has anything to do with it or not.

I do not know how to save my images as 'non-progressive' any help with that would be great. I am using AgilityHoster as my hosting service. I use a hosting control panel that is provided from the server to upload my files. My gallery link is this:

http://reddragonsgallery.com/simpleview … 20Art.html

As you can see, I have pretty much tried everything I came across here on the forms. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: X's on my images and thumbnails when I upload them to my server

The link provided does not lead to the gallery. If you update the link I will take a look.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: X's on my images and thumbnails when I upload them to my server

This happened to me recently for one of my galleries, using SimpleViewer2 in compact mode embedded into a HTML page.  I was getting X's for both the thumbs and the images. I discovered that somehow the file permissions on some of the image files got changed to a more restrictive setting.

My solution: in my file manager on my web-host (cPanelX) check the permissions on a file known to work properly by selecting the file and clicking on the "change permissions" icon. For this file, the correct permissions were User = "Read/write", group = "Read", world = "Read". The associated number code was 6-4-4. Cancel. Then I selected all the image files that weren't working, clicked change permissions, and set them to match the working file's permissions. After this it worked properly.