Topic: Caption Hyperlinks Non-Functioning

Hey all,

I searched for this, couldn't find an answer... hoping to get some input.

I have tried adding links to all of my captions for ease of use instead of requiring a user to right click, etc.  However, they work sporadically at best.  Occasionally the cursor will change to the hyperlink hand and then do nothing when clicked. 

I also just updated to Simpleviewer 2 in hopes that would iron this out.  It seems to have had no effect in IE or Chrome.

Here is my site:

And here is the first item from my gallery.xml:

    <caption><![CDATA[<b>KizToys:</b>  Curiosity Shop interior, Concept and Texture.       <b><u><a href="" target="_blank">Click Here to view High-Resolution</a></u></b>]]></caption>

Re: Caption Hyperlinks Non-Functioning

Right now the gallery does not come up because of an XML error. You need to match the end tag, </simpleviewerGallery>, with with tag at the top <Gallery, so make both either Gallery or simpleviewerGallery. And then I will take a look at the link issue.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Caption Hyperlinks Non-Functioning

Well that was new and different.

Everything seems to be working now including the links...

Thanks miker.