Topic: Z-index question

Is there a way to use a z-index value with the free version please?

I have a menu with a drop down and the drop down always appears behind the simpleviewer gallery.  I've tried all sorts including changing the javascript lines and nothing seems to work.  I'm no expert so if I need to post any code just say so!  But I am fairly sure what I am trying is correct (using a -1 value for the swfobject / flashcontent).

Just wondered if there was something in the free version to stop this happening?


Re: Z-index question

How do I display SimpleViewer under other elements on my HTML page, for example a drop-down menu?

You can have the SimpleViewer SWF appear under DHTML layers by adding this code above the SWFObject line in the HTML document. Note this may cause issues with certain browsers.

params.wmode = "transparent"; … ml#embed_5

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Z-index question

Thank you!  I obviously missed that one - doh!    :rolleyes: