Topic: buld_xml.cfm fails to write a new imageData.xml

I am very interested in buying the Pro version, although I am somewhat discouraged because i can't get the free version to work.
I am a ColdFusion Programmer (intermediate), and when my server parses the build_xml.cfm page, it gives me this error.

An error occurred when performing a file operation read on file C:Program FilesEasyPHP1-7wwwgallery_projectimageData.xml.
It failed at line
27 : <cffile action="read" file="#ExpandPath("imageData.xml")#" variable="XMLbrut"/>
Obviously this means that the file "imageData" is not being written. Is there a serverside setting that I change to allow the script to write this page ? When I looked through my server settings I couldn't see anything like that.

any suggestions ?

Thanks !

Re: buld_xml.cfm fails to write a new imageData.xml

I dont think there is, I have not done coldfusion in numerous years, but i don't think there is one.

If it is on a unix box, the only thing is permission. But it looks like you are running it locally on a window box.

By the way, if you are using the lastest version of simpleviewer, the gallery is now called gallery.xml not imageData.xml

It is working fine with PHP build version...


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