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Topic: .swf's not working properly

Hey, folks

So...I've scoured the forums of this website and couldn't find any help on this, but it has been driving me crazy for days now.  I created a new gallery using the wonderful free (no sarcasm) SimpleViewer product with the intent of showcasing a series of online ads that I've created.  The catch is that they are animated ads using Flash (they are .swf's).  When I attempt to upload these .swf's, which SimpleViewer documentation claims is entirely possible, the dimensions of the ad jump transform randomly.

Please visit my temporary page as an example.  If you click on the last ad, you'll see that when it opens up it may or may not display in the correct size (which is the size of the border).  If it does not transform immediately, try clicking to another ad, then back to it:  http://origin.news10.net/company/advert … mples.html

Here is my xml as well: http://www.news10.net/company/advertise/gallery.xml

Re: .swf's not working properly

Miker, or anyone, do you have any suggestions for this?  I'd love to start using this slideshow with flash asap.


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while it is possible to load SWFs into SimpleViewer it is not officially supported. This is because there are so many potential issues when loading SWFs. You may need to modify the loaded SWFs so that they display correctly.

For your scaling issue there are 2 possible causes:

1) SimpleViewer uses StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE and StageAlign.TOP_LEFT. If your loaded SWFs have a different scale mode, they may display differently.

2) Loaded SWFs often have different dimensions than expected based on the size of the MovieClips on the Flash stage. This issue is not specific to SimpleViewer but any embedding in Flash.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: .swf's not working properly

Thanks for your reply, Felix.  I'll give your two suggestions some looking into.