Topic: use simpleviewer pro for different galleries in krpano

i will use the simpleviewer pro in my panoramas.

i have the pro2 version and want it to use it for different galleries.
in each folder i get the simpleviewer.swf, the gallery.xml and the images.

now i want to put the gallery in my xml-file for krpano, but i dont know how!

can anyone help me?

<plugin name="gallery" url="" visible="false" alpha="0" />
<plugin name="showgallery" url="images/b_galerie.png" zorder="2"align="lefttop" x="60" y="30" visible="true" alpha="1" onclick="action(showgallery);" />
  <plugin name="hidegallery" url="images/b_galerie.png" zorder="1" align="lefttop" x="60" y="30" visible="false" alpha="1" onclick="action(hidegallery);" />
  <action name="showgallery">freezeview(true); tween(plugin[logo].alpha,0,distance(1,0.15),,set(plugin[logo].visible,false)); set(plugin[showgallery].enable,false); tween(plugin[showgallery].alpha,0,distance(1,0.15),,set(plugin[showgallery].visible,false)); set(plugin[hidegallery].enable,true); set(plugin[hidegallery].visible,true); tween(plugin[hidegallery].alpha,1,distance(1,0.15)); set(plugin[gallery].url,/fotos/simpleviewer.swf?xmlDataPath=gallery.xml); set(plugin[gallery].visible,true); tween(plugin[gallery].alpha,1,distance(1,0.15));</action>
  <action name="hidegallery">tween(plugin[gallery].alpha,0,distance(1,0.15),,action(closegallery));</action>
  <action name="closegallery">set(plugin[gallery].visible,false); freezeview(false); set(plugin[logo].visible,true); tween(plugin[logo].alpha,1,distance(1,0.15)); set(plugin[hidegallery].enable,false); tween(plugin[hidegallery].alpha,0,distance(1,0.15),,set(plugin[hidegallery].visible,false)); set(plugin[showgallery].enable,true); set(plugin[showgallery].visible,true); tween(plugin[showgallery].alpha,1,distance(1,0.15));</action>

Re: use simpleviewer pro for different galleries in krpano


I'm not familiar with krpano and we don't officially support it. Please check with krpano support.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: use simpleviewer pro for different galleries in krpano

i think it is no krpano problem!

so the xml with the images will be found:

so i get the message: gallery xml not found:
simpleviewer.swf?xmlDataPath=gallery123.xml (for different galleries)

Re: use simpleviewer pro for different galleries in krpano

try something like this in the embed code:

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: use simpleviewer pro for different galleries in krpano

it`s no problem, if the xml must have the name gallery.xml.
but when i make different galleries, so different folders.

in each folder the gallery.xml i have the same problem. the simpleviewer.swf don`t find
the gallery.xml when it`s in another folder as the root.

with 1 gallery i have no problem, but i need different galleries.
if this is not possible, i don`t need simpleviewer.