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Firstly, I'd like to say fantastic job with this piece of software. It's very nicely designed and much better the picasa slideshow option, but integrates in nicely (with picasa). I'm using 1.9.

I have one quesiton which I know has been asked before relating to caption size. My audience have learning disabilities and I want to increase the text size of captions. I've seen how to do this in your FAQ (Q8) and managed to do this to one caption. However I was wondering if it's possible to position the code somewhere so that it influences ALL captions, rather than having to add the code to each caption indvidually. This sounds a bit lazy but I've got 40+ captions to do!

I suspect the answer is to upgrade to the pro version, but let me know if there is a way!!

Many thanks

Re: Caption size

It's easy if you want the entire caption to have a larger font size, open the gallery.xml in a text editor use find and replace.

Find: <caption>
Repalce: <caption><![CDATA[<font size="16">

Find: </caption>

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Caption size

Fantastic in its simiplicity- that worked perfectly- many thanks!!!