Topic: SV works great, but have a couple questions :)

***I am using SimpleViewer from within Lightroom 2.6 & have installed the latest (as of today) version of SV***

1. Is it possible to add images to an already exported gallery? Currently, I have to recreate the entire gallery & then include whatever image(s) I forgot to add in the first place. I'd love to simply add the image(s) into the exported folder but that is not working for me :(

2. I'd like to be able to add a description/blurb for various images. If I add Caption > Custom Text it shows for all photos. I've seen this done on other sites but cannot figure it out.

Any help would be much appreciated :)

Re: SV works great, but have a couple questions :)

I forgot to mention that I know absolutely zip about editing xml files or the like. I simply use SV from within Lightroom to create/export my galleries then FTP them to my site.

Re: SV works great, but have a couple questions :)

1. the easiest way to do update a gallery with lightroom is to re-export the old images with the new ones. You could also just export the new images to a different folder and then copy the images to the existing gallery folder, in addition you would have to open the new gallery.xml and the existing gallery.xml in a text editor and copy the image tags from the new gallery.xml to the existing gallery.xml.

2. Open the gallery.xml in a text editor and change the text between the caption tags. <caption>Edit this text to change the caption</caption>

You can find more info on editing the gallery.xml file here.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: SV works great, but have a couple questions :)

Mike, thank you for the great info -- I will test it out when I'm creating my next gallery, though it would've been great to be able to do this (add custom text) from within Lightroom.

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