Topic: Copy images & styles to another

   I have a client who owns svManager for one site and is thinking of getting it for another. She would like to copy all images & styles from the existing one to the second site when she does. Is that possible? Does it hard to do?


Re: Copy images & styles to another

The svManager license covers one web site. So if your client is simply moving her site from one server to another then she's covered by her existing licence. If she'll be running two web sites in future then she should buy a second svManager license.

Assuming that all your gallery folders are inside the svmanager folder (which is the default) then to clone the whole svManager installation, download everything inside the svmanager folder from the old site and upload it to the new site. Set permissions on the new site if necessary.

If you have any gallery folders outside the svmanager folder (because you moved them or imported them), then you'll need to move these folders across to the new site as well.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Copy images & styles to another

Great, thanks! She'll be running the 2 sites so she's aware that she'll need to purchase a second license but she wanted to copy the existing galleries from the first to the second site also.

I appreciate your help!