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I have downloaded and installed both SimpleViewer-Pro/ svBuilder pro and the new script for Photoshop CS3. I run the simple viewer script and create a gallery. It opens a gallery in my browser that is functional, then I open svBuilder and "Open gallery Folder" and direct it to the folder; the viewer then gives me the message "Embedding in Flash requires SimpleViewer-Pro.

I have paid for it and installed it, so I can't figure out what the issue is. Any suggestions?


Re: svBuilder won't see gallery

You need to upgrade the PhotoShop template to Pro: … #photoshop

To upgrade existing galleries to pro check here: … de_gallery

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: svBuilder won't see gallery

I have upgraded everything.

I have uninstalled and then reinstalled.

I recreated the galleries with the new Pro script for Photoshop and still same problem.

I am still getting the same error message of "Embedding in Flash requires Simple viewer Pro".


Re: svBuilder won't see gallery

So I am wondering if anyone there can help me with this problem.

Same error message have paid for, updated and remade all files with SV-Pro and still receive that message.

Any thoughts?

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The message 'Embedding in Flash requires SimpleViewer-Pro' means you are opening a non-Pro SimpleViewer gallery with svBuilder. svBuilder will only open SimpleViewer-Pro galleries.

To upgrade existing SimpleViewer galleries to SimpleViewer-Pro, you need to replace the simpleviewer.swf file in your existing gallery folder with the one that comes in the Pro download (at \web\simpleviewer.swf). You can now customize the gallery using svBuilder.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: svBuilder won't see gallery


Nothing has changed, I am really getting frustrated. So I'll list everything I am doing.

- I uninstalled all SV from my computer, removed all previous galleries and folders made before this afternoon.

- I restarted the machine, went and unzipped the SV Pro file and installed everything anew.

- I downloaded and installed the script files for Photoshop CS3 and started Photoshop.

- I went to: File/Scripts/Simple Viewer_v2 and made the galleries all over again from scratch; they all look just right.

- I want to embed them in html pages, so I opened SV Builder and follow the path to the folders the galleries are in, one at a time.

- I am still getting the same error message "Embedding in Flash requires SimpleViewer-Pro"

- I have installed SV Pro, I have deleted all non-pro files; made all my galleries with Pro using Photoshop. More than one time at this point.

As far as I can tell, I am using only Pro and creating galleries only with Pro.

What am I doing wrong?!?


Re: svBuilder won't see gallery

Seems like you are missing the step of manually copying the Pro SWF into the photoshop template:

To upgrade your Photoshop SimpleViewer Script installation to Pro:

    * Replace the SWF file in the Photoshop SimpleViewer script folder with the one from the Pro download. To do this:
          o Copy the /web/simpleviewer.swf file from the Pro download folder.
          o Paste it to the /Presets/Scripts/SimpleViewer_v2/ folder inside the PhotoShop application folder, replacing the existing SWF.
    * Restart PhotoShop. Any galleries you create from now on will be Pro.

You can tell if your Photoshop template is upgraded to Pro if your generated galleries do not have the simpleviewer download link at bottom right.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: svBuilder won't see gallery


After much uninstalling and reinstalling I found that I did leave out the step of upgrading the Photoshop. The specified folder does not exist.

I went to /web/simpleviewer.swf file from the Pro download folder and copied it. I went to Presets/Scripts/ and there was no Simple Viewer_v2 folder. I have looked for it at least 5 times over this install process.

The folders in this directory are:
Event Scripts Only
Stack Scripts Only

In Presets there is another folder below the Scripts folder called Simple Viewer that contains a file called SimpleViewer.xml

In the Photoshop drop down File menu, under Scripts, there is a script called SimpleViewer_v2

It runs fine, but gives me the free version galleries with the simpleviewer download link, and still the svBuyilder won't see the galleries as Pro.

I am running a PC if that makes a difference.

Thanks for helping me troubleshoot this. Any other suggestions?

Re: svBuilder won't see gallery

copy the simpleviewer.swf into the simpleviewer_ps_cs3 folder.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: svBuilder won't see gallery

:D   :lol:   :)    :cool:

Thank you very much!!