Topic: Cross-fade transitions and watermark strange effect


I use the watermark option in a gallery with cross-fade transitions.
The result is a bit strange. The image disappperas in the transitions... I suppose that there is no solution for this effect.
I would like that the watermark image are always visible during the transition time.

Is possible to do this?


Re: Cross-fade transitions and watermark strange effect


I'm not able to replicate the watermark disappearing here. Do you have an example URL?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Cross-fade transitions and watermark strange effect

Thanks Felix!

In this moment I don't have an example URL. But I'll try to do it soon.
I'm working with the live preview in the svBuilder.

The watermark not dissapear... is visible in all images...
I'll try to explain it... (sorru, my englisgh in not very strong).

When I select an image from the gallery, the watermark dissapears and appears very quick.
This quick vanish is strange.

I think that the watermark must be visible perfectly in the transition (I put value 2 on transition between images). If you select NONE in the transition effect, the watermark is always visible. The cross-fade effect create a quick interruption in the watermark visibility.

I´ll try to show it whit an example URL.