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Topic: Can't get images to load on my gallery

Dear support.

I've been using Simpleviewer for quite some time, and I've very pleased with it.
Although, I do have a small difficulty lately.

I wanted to have some galleries on this website I'm building (different galleries) and I want to load them all using the same dynamic php page.
I set the code to be exactly as it should and I get to see the gallery loads, but all I get are X's instead of images.
The galleries works nice if I manually go to the index.html or even the swf itself, but not through my page.

Here is my page:

Here is the link to the html file, and shows the galley:
http://www.shaniroz.com/all_galleries/g … index.html

Since the gallery runs okay on the index.html, I assume the images and thumbs are Okay, and so is the galley.xml.
What could be the problem then?

Note: I did manage to embed the gallery once before I moved it into another directory (all_galleries).
Help will be much appreciated :)

Thanks in advance!

edit after post: I found the problem. The gallery.xml is where the images directory is, but I'm loading it from the root directory with a php file.
After placing the images folder in the root directory - it worked.
I'll manually change the xml's directory to refer to the correct path (all_galleries/gallery1/images/...) and hopefully that will do the trick.

Sorry for the mess - I've snapped and posted this thread just a moment before finding the problem myself :)