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Hi, I just downloaded the "Free" version of Simpleviewer and I really like it. Problem is I want to add a "logo" to the page so viewers can get back to the homepage and I want to add some more space between the image and thumbnails. I must be able to do this in the free version by editing either the HTML code or the .XML file. Can someone please explain how to do this?

BTW, I did manage to add my logo to the HTML file, the problem is it pasted above the XML document so the logo was at the top of the page an pushed everything else down below it. That's not what I want. I want the logo to be at the same level as the "view full page" icon. (Please see image)

Re: Adding Logo to XML Page

Anyone able to help me with this? :)


Re: Adding Logo to XML Page

The easiest way to add a logo where you want it would be to set your flash to transparent and position the logo underneath the flash with CSS. You can set the flash to transparent by adding wmode param to your HTML and setting it equal to transparent.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Adding Logo to XML Page

Thanks Mike, I don't know much about CSS. Is it possible to create a new .SWF file with my logo in it?

I see the only file I can't edit is the SWF file. What coding does it contain that I need.