Topic: Beginning with no large image?

Hello all,

An artist client of us would like this in her gallery:

Begin with thumbs only, not showing the large image. It's like you're standing in front of a wall with paintings, like in an exhibition. Only upon clicking a thumb (or the first thumb to be mouse-overed, as we're using the "Change Image On Hover" option), should you see the large image. Is it possible?

A rather clumsy work-around would be to add an extra white image to the gallery, have the First Image Index point to that image, and thus start with what looks like no large image (we have white background). I REALLY hope there is a more elegant solution...

Re: Beginning with no large image?

Displaying no image is not supported so your workaround is the best bet. Or maybe show some kind of introduction text as the first image.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.