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Topic: Updating a gallery via FTP

I just purchased SV Pro.
I love the new SV builder, I hate the buildgallery.php

What I want to do is set up a gallery for my client via SV builder and then have him update it by uploading/deleting/renaming images via FTP.
I don't want my client  to have to make thumbnails and I don't want him to mess with the layout settings.

This was possible in an earlier version of SV where the imagedat.php  script worked transparently, with no user interaction whatsoever created the thumbnails and updated the xml with the new file list.

Re: Updating a gallery via FTP

have you thought about using svManager?

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: Updating a gallery via FTP

Yes I have thought about using SVmanager and I don't want to.
I found an older version of imagedata.php and hacked it work for SV 203 Pro and I'm happy now.
The client can update the gallery via ftp and I don't have to play tech support for yet another application.

Re: Updating a gallery via FTP

Marino, any chance you could share it? It would be of great help as I don't really like buildgallery.php either.

Re: Updating a gallery via FTP

Hi, I am new here & I am also interested in this.
I bought simpleviewer pro and svmanager, but I am really not satisfied with svmanager, i can not get it to work properly for my client's use, as i do not want them to mess with the templates and layouts of the galleries. I would like to get imagedata.php to be able to update the galleries simply through ftp for my client...