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Topic: Simpleviewer and Google Translate

I love  to use Simpleviewer in my website (in Brazilian Portuguese)
I also use Google Translate in some languages.
But the galleries don´t work using Opera and Firefox, when  are "translated". I see a message "Gallery XML not found"

In IE and Chrome it work good.

Help me, please.


Re: Simpleviewer and Google Translate

Are you sure the problem is with Google translate? Can you disable Google translate for the SimpleViewer files?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Simpleviewer and Google Translate

Thanks for your quick answer, Felix.

The problem is not with Google translate because galleries work very good in IE and Chrome. The problem is in Opera and Firefox support (when using G. translate).... I think.
And my problem is not if the galleries will be translated, but viewed.