Topic: Linking 2 galleries

Hi, i saw this but cannot  fathom it out … /gallery1/

I am trying to create a page for a client to view some images of my work. Theres 100 images in total of my photos.

I have created the first page and that works absolutely fine and I just cannot work out how to link it to another page.  For the other 50 images do i need to copy the gallery.xml and say call it gallery1.xml and put the remaining 50 images on another page and link it to that, im stuck and have been trying all morning. Thanks  :(

Re: Linking 2 galleries

You can call it gallery1.xml you just need to use galleryURL to tell SimpleViewer which XML to load. You could also create two galleries as you normally would and link to each folder.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.