Topic: Sorting and back button

First.Can anyone tells me, if it is possible to sort the existing galleries in the svmanager?
Second. If i would like to had the Back button, which file do i need to edit? I think it is the gallery.xml, but it won't allow to to rewrite on it.
And thirth, I would like to give permission to my folders to be rewriteble so I can make those changes.
Is this the way
Line 24 in the constants.php ?

// Attempt to set permissions on new gallery folders (default is false)
define('NEW_GALLERY_CHMOD', true);
// Permissions for new gallery folders (only if NEW_GALLERY_CHMOD is true)
define('NEW_GALLERY_DIR_MODE', 0777);

Oh! and why not, Fourth. Is there a way to custumise svmanager to have a check mark asking if we want rounded courners

Thank you

Re: Sorting and back button

  1. You can sort the listing in the galleries page by clicking on the column header – gallery number, title or type. This will also change the order in the galleries index page.

  2. Yes you need to edit the gallery.xml file. The back button is a SimpleViewer Pro option. More information in the support page

  3. Yes, this will change the directory permissions (if your server allows it). You may also need to change this line:
    // Permissions for files inside new galleries (only if NEW_GALLERY_CHMOD is true)
    define('NEW_GALLERY_FILE_MODE', 0644);

  4. The current policy is for svManager to be able to change the SimpleViewer standard options only. There are just to many Pro options and the svBuilder application is designed to set them all. Once you have a gallery design that you like then you can clone it in svManager


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.