Topic: linkurl="../../index.html?param=this"


I want to link to subalbums in an other galery from Tiltviewer Pro.

I tried a parameter in the linkurl but it seems to be trunctated   

                <photo imageurl="images/room1.jpg" linkurl="../../album/index.html?openfolder=room-1">
<description><![CDATA[Noch bisschen mehr Text dazu<br>und nexte Zeile]]></description>    
                <photo imageurl="images/room2.jpg" linkurl="../../album/index.html?openfolder=room-2">
                <photo imageurl="images/room3.jpg" linkurl="../../album/index.html?openfolder=room-3">


the browser always shows


without parameter and the same page appears. 

is this not possible or did i make a mistake?


Re: linkurl="../../index.html?param=this"

Using a query string is not going to work if you run your files locally. You will need to upload them to a web server. Also you could try absolute paths instead.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: linkurl="../../index.html?param=this"

yes, you are right - it works on the server !