Topic: "Flickr images not found"

I am trying do embed SimpleViewer in my blog using the images of my Flickr account, but it doesn't work. All I get is the message "Flickr Images Not found".

The link of the test page:

My Flickr username is correct (edersonnunes). I've already tried to remove my username and set my User Id (22052802@N04), but the result was "Flickr User Not Found".

The images on the flickr page are set to public view. My tags are ok. Now I set three differents tags in flickr.xml, but no image is showing.

What can I do?

Re: "Flickr images not found"

You XML is not well formatted, you need to replace the & in the title with &amp

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: "Flickr images not found"

I have replaced  the title for a word without &. Still not working...

Re: "Flickr images not found"

By deafult, SimpleViewer uses a flickrTagMode of 'ALL'. This means that images must have all specified tags to be displayed. Try setting flickrTagMode to 'ANY': … tml#flickr

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: "Flickr images not found"

"flickrTagMode" is a PRO option. I am just testing. Anyway, the gallery also did not work when was configured with just one tag.

but now I have solved my problem. Don't wanna use images from Flickr anymore (because it does not work), so I put images in my server and use them to make a gallery in my blog. it seems to work well, despite it is a bit more complicated.