Topic: Lightroom 2 Interface Help

Within the Lightroom 2.0 Web interface I have an option of "Airtight SimpleViewer". I made a slideshow with it and a SimpleViewer logo is on the bottom right. I clicked on it. It directed me to your website with an option of an upgrade to pro. Before I upgrade I wanted to try the new software version 2? Are these the same programs for Lightroom 2.0 as I am having a problem with the new version interface. The Airtight SimpleViewer interface allows me to see the slideshow as I create it in Lightroom, but the new version that is the current download on your website doesn't allow me to view the slideshow as I create it.

Re: Lightroom 2 Interface Help

SimpleViewer 2 uses ActionScript 3 which the Lightroom 2 engine does not support there for you can not preview a SimpleViewer 2 gallery in Lightroom 2. You can either upgrade to Lightroom 3 or preview the galleries in a browser using the shortcut Shift-Ctrl(Cmd on a mac)-P.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.